In fact, driven by its success, Togashi went on to create another magnificent work, Hunter x Hunter. She hiccuped. Not once to seem l. To pick a power, you need to pick a word and that will become your code name. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ] They had the brash lead, the cool guy, the tough guy, and the intelligent pretty boy. Chapter 1 - Death. Explore. fanfiction tag games | ask memes Posts; Likes; Following; Ask Anything; Fanfictions; Buy Me a Coffee; Profile; Archive; thekazumakuwabara . (Girls Only) July 20, 2008 Alexandra Morales. Silent Hill 1 . Ongoing. You sure have pretty eyes. "Puh-lease! Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction The Worthless Humans. More . This is without a doubt one of the best crossover fanfictions in the whole fanfiction world. Red Roses2: Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of our Featured Fandoms. Fushigi Yuugi 1. just wanna share of my collection picture of yu yu hakusho UwU/ surprisingly there are a lot of people still love yu yu hakusho and kept drawing it!!! How many series do a variation on those characters even to this day? Yu Yu Hakusho Love Story (Hiei love story) March 1, 2013 BrokenBullet. You have started a time-based quiz! We do have:Awesome/Yu Yu Hakusho AbridgedCharacters/Yu Yu Hakusho AbridgedFridge/Yu Yu Hakusho AbridgedFunny/Yu Yu Hakusho AbridgedTrivia/ Fallout 1. On September 4, 2025, Japan disappeared into another world. Yusuke was silent for a moment, his mouth pressed into a firm line as he mulled the idea over in his head. Kurama, a master thief and A-class demon who survived by retreating into the human world, and took host in the body of an unborn baby. If only I could go back Shares are appreciated ~Art is not mine~ credit to the artists -_Tags ignore_- #dabi #dabi #dabi #bakunoheroacademia #myheroacademia #dabixtoga #togaxdabi #toga #touya #shigiraki #mha #bnha #animeworld #anime #villains #heroes #leagueofvillains #dabiblueflames #devilssecondcammand # . Mark your calendars, popular anime, Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Files) will be coming to Netflix on 26 June 2020! This is Chapter Seventeen, and this is completely made-up by me. Everyone hated my older brother Yusuke but I didn't care about that he was always making me laugh making sure everyone around us was safe and sound even if it meant getting himself killed. Community. Aug 29, 2019 - Read Christmas Special from the story What if: Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenario (One Shots X reader) by bloodyredrain with 1,394 reads. Dec 13, 2014 - Explore Emily Andreious's board "yu yu hakusho" on Pinterest. I wasn't sure what Yusuke thought of me. Interlude 4.v Interlude 4.s Let the Games Begin 4.8 Let the Games Begin 4.7 Let the Games Begin 4.6 Let the Games Begin 4.5 Let . Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction. If you haven't read it already, please do!

And the old psychic had taken him in. Tests for the real fan- Cartoons / Mangas / Animes quizzes . Everyone hated my older brother Yusuke but I didn't care about that he was always making me laugh making sure everyone around us was safe and sound even if it meant getting himself killed.

A Shonen Fighting manga authored by Yoshihiro Togashi, and adapted into animation by Studio Pierrot, YuYu Hakusho (, also romanized as Yuu Yuu Hakusho) tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a bitter, beleaguered, junior high punk and legendary street fighter.One particularly bad day gets worse for Yusuke after he dies saving the life of a small boy from a car accident. Misc. A group of demon thieves in Makai have human slaves locked up in stalls until they are called upon to do what they need. Were new transfer study's". They finally got to the school. :-) All characters, pairings and genres are welcome. Thats false, Yusuje Uraneshi is 14 at the start and 17 at the end of the Anime in the Manga it's 18.

You may also add comments about recommendations already listed, but please don't converse/argue here. Having lost another human servant, Kuronue, and Yomi send Yoko Kurama to . hiei kurama yusuke Kuwabara damn that is some nice art you might say yyh yu yu Hakusho. Killed during the unexpected altruistic act of saving a young boy, Yusuke was given a chance to redeem himself by . It was better than these heathen, low class demons deserved anyway, as far as the Youko was concerned. My Kurama x Botan fanart is finally done! Reincarnated in TTIGRAAS For Fun.

Even if writer's block shows its ugly face.

See the list below. "Deal," he agreed with a nod. Today. he beats him at a video . "There just had to be fan girls at this school," Yuiko grumbled. The Beast You Created (Male Ragna Reader X C. 46 parts. From here on out the Yu Yu Hakusho Crew is in! Fandoms Anime . Yu Yu Hakusho Crew! There they learn a secret of the fire demon's, but they can't dwell on it too long. Eventually, the detective's mouth quirked upwards, brown eyes flashing with determination. Hru Arena. Came the voice of a lady behind her desk. FanFiction. Yu Yu Hakusho crossover fanfiction archive. RELATED: Yu Yu Hakusho: 10 Most Powerful Techniques, Ranked The question is wrong. Claimer: Animefreak11 owns Hisa and Lunasaturn owns Kya, Minomaru, Haru and Ryukhan, and we both own the plot as usual! (no not tissues) Hisa had finished eating without a word, she knew Kurama kept glancing at her, she felt his gaze every time she looked down. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. And I'm not exaggerating. Feats; Techniques; Conditions; Character Sheets; GM Screen; FAQ; DISCLAIMER; A Yu Yu Hakusho inspired Tabletop RPG system. We are a free repository about YuYu Hakusho, an Anime and Manga series written by Yoshihiro Togashi, currently editing over 616 articles, and you can help! 20 Questions - Developed by: John. Oct 17, 2003. Aps a realizao do ltimo torneio do Makai, Kurama decide levar uma vida normal no Mundo dos Humanos, afastando-se completamente de sua real identidade. Name: Kurai Age: 14 Height: Same as Yukina Looks: The pic above when your not in school. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe. In the shouting, the stamping, the frightened rush of creatures as they tried to pinpoint their nearly invisible attacker, Kuronue slipped in, bringing a quick silver end to anyone standing close by. Voil un petit quizz pour savoir quel manga/anime je te conseille parmi mes coups de coeur ;) ! "It's all my fault. Whose Your Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend? We'll pick up back where the episodes take over in the next chapter. Throughout the story, the relationship between Hiei and Kurama remains widely known for its long and storied history. I had long black hair and somewhat dark brown eyes while my twin . "Normally I'd give you bastards a warning but hell," his smirk turned into a frown, "I rather beat the SHIT out of you!" Yu Yu Hakusho: A Relquia Perdida escrita por Ocarina, LuisaPoison. ghostfighter, anime, hi. Yu Yu Hakusho was a stunning achievement by the then amateur mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, quickly becoming one of the most popular series of the '90s. . Two years, since Tsukiko had realized that her pack was kept apart from herself by forces unknown, and, more importantly - forces hidden well enough that she couldn't find them.

Write a fanfiction; query_builder. The Abridged Series: Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged is one of the more popular and well known ones. Pay attention to the displayed countdown. Aps a realizao do ltimo torneio do Makai, Kurama decide levar uma vida normal no Mundo dos Humanos, afastando-se completamente de sua real identidade. Fan-fic of mainly Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho ^w^)/ ~~~~~ A guy that's always keeping it calm and nonchalant. It was a shot in the dark, but Hiei had to try. Please use the template when recommending. "Now, what do we get if we win the bet?" Hiei smirked. Genkai (, Literally meaning: Sea of Apparitions) was the master of the spirit detective Yusuke Urameshi and was also a mentor for Kazuma Kuwabara. Yusuke smirked. Pop Culture K-Wave Tech & Games Sign Up Home; Anime; 06 Jul 2022 3:07 PM +00:00 UTC Is Netflix's Live-Action Yu Yu Hakusho Coming in July 2022? Betrayed by those he cared about, Y/n stands alone in the world where everyone has some sort of pow. "Well lets go in". By: Oreana Date. If I wasn't here, then none of this would have happened." Botan drew in a fragile breath. Betrayed by those he cared about, Y/n stands alone in the world where everyone has some sort of pow. Yuiko felt the confused look Kurama gave her, but she didn't answer his unspoken question. Kurama and Botan summer edition from Yu Yu Hakusho BANG! Clearly the quiz creator isn't a yu yu hakusho fan. Ongoing. April 18, 2021 Alex. Fics only need to be 800 words long, but we accept--and love--longer stories as well. Synopsis: The Best Defense is a Yu Yu Hakusho/Harry Potter crossover of epic proportions, noticeable for its twisting of a trite stereotype (the Tantei going to Hogwarts to help out in the fight against Voldemort) into something truly enjoyable that is somehow more than the sum of its parts. Literature. She would have been embarrassed, but she kept on allowing the tears to fall from her pink eyes. After a mysterious fight that astonishes their parents, Kurama would not return. He became an Otaku soon after watching animes for some days.

Usually, Genkai has the . She has the blood of a fire apparition and ice apparition . As usual. yu-yu-hakusho-rpg. In Vice Versa by Hungry Sano RELATED: Yu Yu Hakusho: 10 Things That Were Changed For American Audiences There are several characters in Yu Yu Hakusho, including but not . . Even the hair on the nape of Nyoko's neck stood up. Think of it as a filler episode. Save that for the discussion . Chapter I. Wandering Spirit Two years had gone by since Kagome had finished her Holy Servant Main and Secondary Courses in record time before going back through time. The Yu Yu Hakusho cast embodies the idea of seeming clich because the anime did its job so well, everyone who came after copied you. YuYu Hakusho Wiki is a wiki about YuYu Hakusho. When she glanced quickly at his face, she saw it was emotionless. Screams and shouts of "BRING HIM BACK YOU WHORE!" echoed through the air. Offline. No entanto, quando uma ameaa antiga coloca o planeta novamente em risco, ele se v na obrigao de reviver o .

My mind was still reeling from my little trip with Hiei. 81 notes. Forum. This fanfiction was such a pleasure to read. Yusuke told me about you." "I don't know if that's a good thing" I said. Here's a monthly release date update for Netflix's live-action Yu Yu . "Well, from what he told me, you don't seem bad. We don't have an article named FanficRecs/YuYuHakushoAbridged, exactly. . Yu Yu Hakusho - Twin Devils, a yu yu hakusho fanfic | FanFiction. This is going to be the first post of my digital art creations. When something happens, Hiei is set on a collision course with his secret. Book X-overs 1. ; Abusive Parents: Yusuke's mother loves him, but she's also an alcoholic party girl with all the associated problems.Mukuro's father is a more direct example of downright evil treatment. Yes, the events of Yu Yu Hakusho concluded in 1999, given Genkai's love is spending 10k years in purgatory and everyone else she cares about is still quite alive, she's doing some work for Koenma to kill the time. Inexact title. Soul Calibur 1. Another fanart of mine! Anime/Manga Romance Yu Hakusho Love Yusuke. Pinterest. Yuiko twitched and Kurama stepped back a bit. Tekken 1. - Developed on: 2006-08-15 - 9,027 taken. Akazukin Chacha 1. They still have to finish their mission which is too much like one of their first ones. The author's writing style is graceful and she knows how to handle the characters. ; Adaptive Ability: Kuro Momotaro. Just In. Yeah. Anime Yu Yu Hakusho Rated: T, English, Yusuke U., K. Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama M., Words: 31k+, Favs: 11, Follows: 4, Published: 3/13/2018 Updated: 4/20/2018} 43 Chapter 30: Episode 30 Yusuke and Hinageshi made it to the roof of the building Yakumo was standing on with Botan. Chapter 1 - Death. You know the rules, no flames, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated however. No human can see the dragon wings, just only demons and spirit world. 1/20. Welcome to YuYu Hakusho Wiki! Sequel to my first Boyfriend scenarios 'Yu Yu Hakusho Boyfriend Scenarios'. Mikado Ryo was a normal office worker and in the rest of his time, he used to watch animes. X-Men: The Movie 1. As of right now she was re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho, an anime about a boy who died and became a ghost. It's Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho Maji Battle game! Proof that there is 10% worth dying for and being revived by Spirit World. Black hair with red high lights. Reincarnated in TTIGRAAS For Fun. Yu Yu Hakusho Knowledge - 20 Questions - by: John - Developed on: 2006-08-15 - 9,027 takers Yu Yu hakusho fanfic by jade. hope thi. Accidental Hug: Between Yusuke and Kuwabara in episode nine. While on a mission, Yusuke is injured and Hiei takes him to a secret place to heal. Here's a monthly release date update for Netflix's live-action Yu Yu Hakusho TV series: Browse our network 9 . The girls as dancers! Hiei, a fire demon cast out as an infant and raised by bandits. As member #1 I plan to make Yu Yu more popular on the site so if you want in you have to be a big fan of the greatest anime ever. . No entanto, quando uma ameaa antiga coloca o planeta novamente em risco, ele se v na obrigao de reviver o . The adventures of the Self-Defense Forc. Territories have quirks or drawbacks to them, for instance the A Class Game Master, had the ability to make video games come to life, but there's a catch, he has the Game Master has to play the antagonist. [ X - Adult: No readers under 18. The adventures of the Self-Defense Forc. They said how old is Yusuke at the end of the series and the answer is 16. Botan as a dancer. Crossover between Harry Potter and Yu Yu Hakusho. Offline. Akuma No Omoide. Various pre-2000's anime, manga, and video game fashion! It all started when they found out Bui had not only survived the fight with himself, but also the explosion of the stadium. The Beast You Created (Male Ragna Reader X C. 46 parts. Anime & Manga Manga Anime Franais Yu Yu Hakusho Card Captor Sakura Kare First Love . Mei is a hybrid demon. Jan 17, 2004. The video game trio is back once again analyzing research to find out who would win a Death . This test determines how your Yu Yu Knowledge is! The beloved '90s series follows the adventures of Yusuke, a 14-year-old delinquent turned "Spirit World Detective". There are questions from all the seasons and that test how well you know and pay attention to yyh! This quiz is all about Yu yu Hakusho. A Yu Yu Hakusho inspired Tabletop RPG system. animek-blog Yu Yu Hakusho () Gashu Artbook Yoshihiro Togashi / Shueisha (2005). "Umm. So post now! X -x-x-x-x- X Hiei watched as things changed around the group. 6.7K 245 12. Yusuke said as he rubbed the back of his head. I Botan sniffed and slowly moved away from Hiei. Proof that the remaining 10% are worth dying for and being revived by the Spirit World.. The rest followed her in. At first her brother was stiff and awkward around the human girl, although to someone who didn't know him well, he would seem perfectly fine. On September 4, 2025, Japan disappeared into another world. "Hello can I help you guys". Angel 1. Response to Yu Yu Hakusho Crew! Call me Atsuko." She stood back so that I could enter the apartment. Please report any OOC-ness.- one of the thugs flinched at the glare Yusuke was giving out. "You must be Tera. News & Updates: Tweets by YYHRPG See more ideas about yu yu hakusho anime, hiei, anime. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create the site. Chapter 7:Insect issues. yu yu hakusho - Freeform kagome/kurama kagome/shuuichi shiori - Freeform mama higurashi As kids, Kurama and Kagome knew one another. Yu Yu Hakusho Gamer Chapter 7: Deciding to tell Shiori the truth, a yu yu hakusho fanfic | FanFiction As the year went by, Kurama and Maya began to get closer and Akiko was happy for them. Summary: Hiei tries to flirt with a woman who has caught his EYE. Spirit Gun game~. Chapter 2. I recommend this fanfiction from the bottom of my . Kaia said walking in first and she hide her wings so no one can see them. For example Seaman had ability to create a water golem. She is voiced by Hisako Kyoda (older) and Megumi Hayashibara (younger) in the Japanese dub and by Linda Young in the English dub, and Caryl Marder in the English dub of Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie - Poltergeist Report.