Developing Resilience (summary)

Resilience is just one of those topics that is so important, and yet it keeps coming up. Why?  Because we NEED it.  We need to invest in self care, build our capacity for resilience, so that we can pull out of reactive and live from center – the core of our leadership.  Sounds like a big deal?  That’s because it is…

20140808-100012-36012261.jpgHere’s a quick summary and links to the posts and calls we’ve had on this topic.

Introducing Resiliency: Resiliency, as we define it, is our ability to return to ‘center,’ or the most powerful version of ourselves even in the face of adversity.  It is the ability to shift from the reactive “survival mode” to our creative center.  In this post we talk about the coherence of both survival mode and center and practice shifting between them to gain resilience.  We also discuss observing our kids’ states to see what resilience or fatigue looks like in them.

Building a Capacity for Resilience: Here we talk about building up our capacity for resilience through self care practices that fill up our ‘love tank.’  We also introduce the topic of the Five Love Languages.  See also:

Resiliency in the Moment
: So how do you get from reactive state back to center?  How do you shift from reactive to creative?  This post gets you there in 4 steps: Accept, Shift, Connect and Innovate.

IMG_1215Resiliency is only a deep breath away!


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  1. I keep wanting to get that book – The 5 Love Languages…. hopefully when kids are back in school!

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