Discovery Parenting Series

Discovering the gifts of parenting

Man and Child Having fun in the park.We all began the adventure of parenting fully equipped with everything necessary to do the job masterfully well.

If this feels hard to believe, perhaps you’re noticing that when we experience the challenges of parenting –sleeplessness, acid reflux, allergies, ADHD, dyslexia, peer pressure, bullying, violence in schools, high fructose corn syrup– and find ourselves under the greatest stress we lack the power to access all of our gifts, finding ourselves living in survival mode and we struggle to access those gifts when we need them the most.p

The Discovery Parenting learning series seeks to reconnect parents to their gifts so that we can “show up” to parenting as the best possible versions of ourselves through group learning sessions and individual coaching.

Group Learning Sessions

In a series of monthly classes, we explore in a group setting who we are as parents, when we are parenting in survival mode, and when we are parenting at our best.  We will learn and practice tools to turn survival into revival.

Discovery Parenting Foundation Series

  • Parent as an observer: This session explores the role of the parent as an observer and as a learner, identifies personal strengths and challenges that we face as learners.  We also introduce the concept of the learner as being composed of body, emotion, and language.
  • The “body” of the parent: This session explores the role of the body in the learning process and offers somatic awareness that contributes to our presence.
  • The “emotion” of the parent:  This session explores new ways to see emotions as gateways to information.
  • The “language” of the parent: This session explores language beyond the descriptive.  How does the language we choose limit or expand possibilities?

Individual Coaching

Four Individual coaching sessions are explore specific challenges in a one-on-one setting.  In these sessions, participants discuss personal challenges in depth, apply the concepts from group sessions, and create personalized action plans and practices that tailored to individual needs.

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