Coaching Relationships

a collaborative coaching experience presented by FortemCorde and ízandē personal coaching

Program Description

Coaching for Relationships is a unique coaching offering for individuals in close relationship with each other.  This program helps participants enhance their relationship towards a more productive and rewarding future.  We built this program based on our core beliefs of being in relationship:

Couple on BeachWe believe that in order to be in highly effective relationship with others, we must first work on ourselves.  When we take care of ourselves and can be complete and whole as individuals we are able to be in service of our relationship.

We believe that to take care of ourselves we must first examine our own stories; we must build the awareness of our own behaviors, attitudes and habits that may be limiting our personal potential.

We believe that from awareness we can develop and grow into the best possible version of ourselves, and the best possible versions of ourselves tends to bring out the best possible versions of the people around us.

We believe that when we are in relationship with others, we create a new identity, “The Relationship” which has the potential for its own history, its own story.  And the future of that relationship is a function of the strength and power of the individuals in it.

Program Overview

This is a six month program with two participants and two coaches.

Part I: Coaching the Individuals

During the first 3 months of the program, each participant will select a personal coach and engage in 6 bi-weekly coaching sessions.  The objective of these sessions is to start to develop the personal awareness around each person’s reactive selves, or the default behaviors, attitudes and habits and examining their sources, and begin to establish new habits.  During this time, the participants are encouraged to share what they’ve learned with each other.  This sharing can be a vulnerable experience so it is critical that partners listen openly, without judgment, without a personal agenda, and without the objective of “fixing” anything.   If desired, coaches can be available to help facilitate discussions.

Milestone: Declaration of Intention

At the end of the first 3 months, each participant will work with his or her coach to make a sincere, honest, and bold declaration of intention about oneself and the relationship.  The declarations answer these key questions:

  • How do you see yourself growing?
  • How do you see the relationship growing?

Part II: Coaching the Relationship

In the second part of the program, we will continue our work on individual growth and development in three monthly individual coaching sessions while layering in three monthly group coaching sessions.   In the group coaching sessions, we will work on facilitating conversations, exploring the “relationship’s story.”  We may also bring in additional models , practices, and resources to build upon the foundation of trust, intimacy, and communication.

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