Coaching for Educators

Apple on DeskCoaching in education continues to grow in adoption.  Why?  The field of impact is so very important.  Coaching educators is about developing and enhancing the leadership qualities in educators that inspire those traits in their associates.  Their associates are our children.

Developing leadership attributes results in:

  • Enhanced personal leadership presence
  • Awareness of queues in body, emotion, and language in self and others
  • More effective skills in communication
  • Deeper emotional intelligence

And these gifts are offered back to the students – to our children.  Parents notice the difference when children are working with leadership-aware educators.  Parents notice these differences in the conversations they have with their children and the relationships that flourish.

The reach of impact is so critical, we offer individual coaching to educators at a 25% discount.  For more information, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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