Power of Pause by Nance Guilmartin

(or Kindle Edition)

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a Power of Pause Leadership Outfitterse retreat, based on Nance Guilmartin’s book.  It became so clear to me during that time that the pause for self-care, for play, for reflection – this isn’t selfish, this is training for the big game.   It’s interval training.  Many of us find that in this 24X7 world we have to be all things, all places, at all times.  And we should be at our best!  But to be our most effective selves in any situation, we first need to have the awareness available to notice when our default reactions are surfacing and then the energy to shift into better choices.  That’s the power that is available in the pause.  The pause isn’t downtime.  It’s the time to build resiliency and take stock of the situation so that the up times are more effective and results flow with greater ease.


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