Power <---> Choice

Thankfully, it’s Thursday.

choiceToday – I wasn’t having it. I woke up at 4 and then 5 and then stayed awake, though trying to sleep, and was grouchy knowing that I wanted to get up at 6 but that if I couldn’t get to sleep at 5 I wasn’t going to be able to… you get it. Anyway, 6 came, I hit snooze. Accidentally turned the alarm off at 6:18. My son came in a little after that and wanted to go downstairs so I got up. Feet hit the floor and I started my practice – “The alarm is the first gift of the day, thank you. Gratitude for my kids, my family, my health, my home and the ability to choose.” Wait, what?Where did that come from?

Isn’t it funny that even if we start the ball rolling with platitudes of gratitude (I said that) if we just let momentum take its course we will stumble on something. So for me today, the discovery of gratitude was about choice and the power to choose. There’s a misconception in our culture that it takes power to be able to choose. NO, friends that’s not it. Choice CREATES power. There is always choice. Look for the opportunity, recognize choice, and experience that power. It will NOT disappoint!

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