Up Your New Year’s Resolution Game….

Consider these tips for getting revolutionary results… They’re truly resolutionary….

hate-1216881_12801 –Are you creating a declaration from a place of resentment or resignation, or are you exuberantly embracing possibilities? Your mindset when you MAKE your resolutions makes a difference. To set yourself up for success in the future, celebrate and reflect with gratitude on all that you’ve achieved, what learnings were uncovered, and how this positions you for a new year of extraordinary possibilities.

2 – Start at the end; what’s your vision? At this time next year, what will you have achieved? This could be your mission statement, or it could be your theme.“My healthiest year ever!” or “Balance” or “Prosperity…” You could go all Shonda Rhimes and unleash a “Year of Yes!” Or go anti-Rhimes and “A year of no…” Maybe it’s a paragraph or a vision board or a poem. But consider your end goal.

3 – Construct a foundation. Imagine your vision rests upon pillars… what holds it up? Personal growth? Financial strength? Family relationships? Decide where your investments need to be placed to build a strong foundation for your year.

4 – Resolutions aren’t wishes. They’re goals. Make them SMART:

  • Specific: be clear about what it is (and what it isn’t)
  • Measurable: know objectively when you’ve achieved it.
  • Attainable: be audacious yet achievable. Create a habit of success.
  • Relevant: this better be important. Make sure this relates to your vision. If it isn’t, it’s not a goal, it’s a distraction?
  • Timebound: when are you going to do this?

5 – Get active… What’s it going to take to do this? What actions are you taking to accomplish your goals? Write 3-5 actions you can take THIS WEEK to get started. Which one or two do you start TODAY?

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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