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Try Laser Coaching…

Book by August 31st for special pricing!laserbannerLaser coaching is all about quick change for real results. We hone in on ONE key challenge and in just ONE session we can see a dramatic shift, opening up HUGE possibilities.

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Who Is Laser Coaching For?

Do you or does someone you know often say:

  • “I wish I could be as <confident/powerful/excited…> now like I was in some other situation or time.”
  •  “You know… a part of me wants to ______ but another part of me wants to ______” …. resulting in no action at all, or frequent self-sabotaging behaviors.

ORparts integration

  • Do you have ONE irksome habit that you really wish you can change?


  • How about irresistible craving that you over-indulge in and wish you had more control over it – Like an inexplicable call to eat a whole box of donuts?

If you or someone you know has one of the challenges above book ONE coaching session (about an hour) before August 31st for only $75.
Heart wide open,

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  1. Interested in more info and how this works. Where are you located? Carlyn Ley is a friend.

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