Visit our webpage Do Business With Us to download a list of authorized commercial guides in Kobuk Valley or to obtain a permit to conduct business in the park. Scheduled events and programs are subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic, for the safety of staff and visitors. The National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage. Travel within United States is: Fully open. Mountain Denali is North Americas highest peak at 20,320 feet. . Visitors can find minimal supplies in the villages of Ambler and Kiana. Search by each park individually or browse a full list of parks in the National Park System. Campers can hike through the tundra, climb the peaks of the Baird Mountains or walk across the sand at the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. Visitors can find minimal supplies in the villages of Ambler and Kiana. Kobuk Valley National Park is a remote, little-visited national park in Arctic Alaska, known for its wilderness, sand dunes, and caribou migrations.. Experience the thrill of flightseeing in areas that most tours cant reach. The valley is also home for back bears, lynxes, wolves, Alaskan moose, and caribou. Here you can see the slow-moving westward flowing river called Kobuk river that is 1500 feet at its wide and it lies in a shallow valley that separates Baird Mountain in the northern half of the national park from the mountain called the Waring Mountains on In the winter, access to the park is by plane, snowmobile, or dogsled. Or, order a large poster of the 2021 national parks map from the NPMaps Store (links open in new window). There are no large landable lakes within Kobuk Valley National Park. They tend to be skilled backcountry explorers familiar with Limited Services. There are no accommodations or public facilities within the park. Kobuk Valley National Park is one of the most isolated parks in the United States. The Great Kobuk, Little Kobuk and Hunt River Sand Dunes offer a desert environment perfect for hiking, camping, even fat biking. Bettles Lodge offers complete trip packages as well as those individual services you may require. Discover our most treasured places, supported by people like you, and start your travel planning here. The Caribou Migration was the Origin of the National Park. Seeing all 63 parks in a single swing. Of all the national park road trips out there, one scratches the soul of every national park fan the granddaddy of them all some would say. The park is also home to one of the oldest archeological sites in Alaska, Onion Portage, along the Kobuk River. Alaskas Denali National Park is located 238 miles north of Anchorage and 120 miles south of Fairbanks and is larger than the state of Massachusetts. The visitor center is open from September to May only, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. From June to August, it is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Find the travel options from Los Angeles to Kobuk Valley National Park that best suit you. The National Park Service and our partners offer many events and activities throughout the year. alex and ani bracelets near wiesbaden / afghan refugees by state / afghan refugees by state Backcountry camping is the only way to spend the night. Junior Ranger Program. The river has a length of 350 miles, 61 of which are within the Kobuk Valley National Park. None of these four parks (Cape Krusenstern, Noatak, and Gates of the Arctic are the other three) are accessible from the road system. The enchanting, like-a-dream landscape at Kobuk National Park in Alaska. but its certainly not for the faint hearted or for the inexperienced. Learn about the National Park Service response to the pandemic and important info if you are planning to visit national parks. It was declared a national monument by President Jimmy Carter on December 1, 1978, then made a National Park in 1980. For more For the most part, the water moves slowly and collapsible canoes and kayaks are perfect for floating down the river and taking in the areas scenery. The Quick Guide to Visiting Kobuk Valley National Park Kobuk Valley National Park Basics . Hiking and backpacking are popular activities in Kobuk Valley National Park. Park Size: 1,750,716 acres (2,735 sq miles) (7,084 sq km) Location: Northwest Arctic Borough. It is located 75 miles east of Kotzebue, AK, however its not accessible by roads. Share. The park is located in northwestern Alaska, and provides visitors access to acres of backcountry, the Kobuk River, and the Baird Mountains. If you are looking for a unique and remote landscape in Alaska, Kobuk Valley National Park fulfills both requirements. The Great Kobuk, Little Kobuk and Hunt River Sand Dunes offer a desert environment perfect for hiking, camping, even fat biking. Despite the winter opening, for climatic reasons, it is preferable to visit it in summer. How to Visit Kobuk Valley National Park. Commercial airlines provide regional service from major airports in Anchorage (ANC) or Fairbanks (FAI) to small airports in the towns of Kotzebue (OTZ) or Bettles (BTT).

Below you will find a listing of the two major airports in Alaska. However, both of these towns are also not accessible via the road system either. Closest Cities: Kotzebue, Alaska. Plan Your Visit A Wild Adventure. Kobuk Valley National Park is located in Northwestern Alaska, United States.It is about 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle. There are no accommodations or public facilities within the park. Saw bird and animal tracks and several varieties of flowers. Summer is the best time to visit the Kobuk Valley national park.

In the great state of Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle, there is a place where you can be dropped off by bush plane and stand amidst one of Earth's last true wilderness places. Learn More. I want to see hotel recommendations when using Rome2rio Kobuk Valley National Park Visitors can enjoy the park any time by backpacking, boating, or flightseeing. Denali is an Athabascan name and stands for the high one. Camping in the backcountry allows visitors to experience the best of Kobuk Valley National Park. The calendar below provides a Without road access, flightseeing trips are a popular mode of transport as well as a way to see the sights Kobuk Valley National Park has to offer, with one of the most notable being the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes (and Little Kobuk and Hunt River dunes). Summer is the best time to visit. Hiking is easier in the mountains, where the ground is drier and less spongy. Backcountry camping is the only way to spend the night. WhatsApp. Campers must provide their own gear. In the summer, scheduled air service is available from Anchorage to Kotzebue and Fairbanks to Bettles. The Kobuk River originates in the Endicott Mountains of the Brooks Range flowing westward out of the park. Kobuk Valley National Park is a remote and distant place where time stands still.This is a bonus for the majority of the visitors to the Kobuk Valley National Park, but it also has its drawbacks its so distant and so remote that there are no access roads, none at all, you cannot drive anywhere close to Kobuk Valley National Park. Find the travel options from Seattle to Kobuk Valley National Park that best suit you. It's best to avoid certain areas at particular times so as not to disturb fish and migrating animals (or people at camp). Season: Year Round 1+ hours. Picture a scene where half a million caribou cross sculpted sand dunes, well, thats what goes down in Kobuk Valley National Park not every day of course, but it does happen each and every year. Nearly half a million Caribou migrate with the Kobuk Valley National Park as their center point each passing year. However in Kobuk Valley National Park, what people think of as winter is longer than four months. Find the travel options from India to Kobuk Valley National Park that best suit you. June to October. Most visitors access the park by air taxi from Kotzebue or Bettles. Mid-June to late July is best for getting mesmerized by the beauty of the wildflowers. There is no road access to Kobuk Valley NP. Below are descriptions for the seasons park based on weather, activities, and challenges people may experience.

See details. 90% of visitors choose a Denali hotel near the park entrance because its convenient, less expensive, And it is a vast region filled with wildlife and monuments. Explore all of Americas national parks right here with NPF. Kobuk Valley National Park is a haven for hiking, camping, boating, backpacking, watching the wildlife, photography, fishing . The dunes lie 40 miles above the Arctic Circle, yet summer temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees. The park is named after the Kobuk River valley which runs through its center. Kobuk is an Inupiaq Eskimo word meaning big river. Once in Kotzebue or Bettles, visitors fly to the park via floatplane or a small wheeled plane on the dunes. Busy Season: June to October. Days are long (from about June 3 to July 9 the sun doesn't set), and temperatures in many places can reach into the 80s or I created this site because I love visiting national parks and planning trips by poring* over a classic national park map. You dont need to make any reservations to travel or camp within the park either, just turn up and enjoy! Leaving On a Jet Plane. These contracts and permits are issued and administered by the National Park Service (NPS). Trygg Air offers day trips for walrus viewing from Anchorage as well as King Salmon, in Southwest Alaska. Most visitors access the park by air taxi from either the small towns of Kotzebue or Bettles. You want to find Denali Park lodging that's right for your needsand your budget. Tickets Hotels; Cars More. Traveled to Kobuk Valley National Park by plane. how to visit kobuk valley national park. Dive In! An excellent way to experience the beauty of Kobuk Valley National Park is to float down the Kobuk River. In August you will get to see the yellow aspens and red tundra. The parks Junior Ranger program is a great way to learn more about Alaska. They do their annual migration by a walk through the park and making way for going towards the tundra region of the Western Arctic Circle. Contact the Heritage Center in Kotzebue with further questions at 907-442-3890. 3. Folks are friendly but fishing and hunting are critical for sustenance. Find the travel options from Portland to Kobuk Valley National Park that best suit you. Backpacking and backcountry camping are the most practiced activities within the park. The headquarters office and visitor center are located at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center in the bush village of Kotzebue, Alaska. COVID-19 Travel restrictions may apply. Here's our insider's advice: First, decide if you want to stay near the Denali Park Entrance or in the remote center of the Park, an area known as Kantishna. We flew to Kobuk Valley National Park from Bettles Lodge. Travel within United States is: Fully open. Are there any endangered species in Kobuk Valley National Park? Find the travel options from Seattle to Kobuk Valley National Park that best suit you. Kobuk Valley's visitor isn't your average tourist. Answer: Kobuk Valley NP is one of the four western Arctic National Park Service units managed by the NPS out of Kotzebue, Alaska. It was amazing that there was life in such a barren areas.

. And as such, other seasons feel shorter. It is remote and wild, so there are no roads, entrance gates or campgrounds.