Facing Frustration and Overwhelm

2020 is nearly over…. So for anyone who feels like it’s been a year of marathons you didn’t train for, I feel you. In fact, I think a lot of people feel you. I’ve noticed fatigue has been a common theme over the last couple of weeks in coaching so I wanted to share a perspective on that…

Fatigue is a physical manifestation of emotions like frustration or overwhelm and can often lead to the mood of Resignation (the moment when the body, mind, and emotion all align to say STOP! I give up….).These feelings of course feel yucky, but they do have some gifts to share. Let’s explore:

What IS frustration? 
Frustration tells us that actions taken are not yielding the desired outcomes and the ROI of energy expended is negative. Its invitation is to PAUSE, regroup, and restore lost energy to regain the creativity to explore alternative actions. Be careful of taking responsibility for what is not controllable at the expense of your own peace.

Practice: Restore energy first, then consider next actions.

  • What is in your sphere of control?
  • What is in your sphere of influence?
  • What attachments might you let go of to restore peace?

What about overwhelm?
Similarly, Overwhelm tells us that energy being expended is drawing more out than it is yielding a return. This often shows up when we overcommit OUT (to others), but undercommit IN (self care). The gift of overwhelm is to re-set boundaries and take care of the self.

Practice: Take time to reconcile your accounting of energy

  • What are you spending energy on? What limits can you set? Where can you say no?
  • What can you invest some energy on that will return or restore energy back to you? What can you say yes to?

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