Bringing in Joy and Lightness

Today, I feel called to feel joy and lightness.  So today’s mindful Monday script is going to be about experience a fully satisfying feeling of joy and lightness.

Begin by sitting comfortably, spine strong and long, breathing deeply and evenly.  Spend a few minutes in your breathing, focusing on the sensation of air coming in through your nostrils, filling your lungs and belly, and then breathing out of your mouth.  Let’s take several breaths hereand enjoy this moment.

Focus in on the sound of breathing. There’s a rhythm to it.  Like the ocean’s tide coming in, crashing on the beach – a pause – and then releasing.  Listen to the sound of your breathing.  And focus in on it.

Why-Laughter-is-Contagious-2[1]Today’s concentration is on the feeling of joy.  What is a sound that gives you joy?  For me, it is the sound of a small child overcome by giggle.  What is the sound for you?  Let yourself be surrounded by that sound as it brings you to curl up your lips into a smile.  Let joy surround and overtake you.  Breathe in joy, to the bottom of your belly, letting it rise within and begin to take over.  Perhaps now you’ve started to smile more broadly.  Feel the crinkle in your face as you hold that grin.  Notice the tingle in your smile muscles and let them take over.  When you’re ready, try laughing.  Start with a little and let it build.  Let a little laugh turn into a belly laugh.   Breathe deeply in and laugh as you exhale.  Laughter is free expression of joy.  Laughter begets laughter.  It is mood medicine.  Continue to do this until the laughter takes hold.  Continue to laugh until you feel absolutely uncontrollably complete.

If you are feeling reserved and shy this may take a little while, but I encourage you to make this happen, practicing a little a time.  I practice laughing in the car when I’m alone.  I often imagine what the other drivers are thinking.  It makes me laugh more.


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