August Coaching Skills for Parents Telecall

izande_ad1Are you parenting from your confident, centered self?  Or are you just getting by, parenting from survival mode?


Get support, suggestions, and coaching in our free monthly coaching call geared specifically towards parents.  Participants grow in their own awareness while also gathering skills and tips to help them be the best parents they can be.  As always – come as you are, but don’t leave that way!


In our July call, we scratched the surface on Resiliency as a coaching skill for parents.  (Don’t remember?  That’s ok, you can read up on it HERE).  We’ll be going deeper on this topic in August, discussing what fills up (and what drains) our capacity for resiliency and we’ll be creating a practice for resiliency for ourselves but also that we can teach our children.  Register for the August call below.


For more information about coaching and parenting, click HERE.


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