15 Resiliency Quick Fixes

In a recent telecall about resiliency for parents, one of the participants asked for examples of actions that build resilience. I thought I’d start a list of ideas for some that work for me or my colleagues that you may consider, but beware! What BUILDS resiliency for some people may actually DRAW DOWN on resiliency for others. We simply aren’t all built the same way (and thank goodness for that!) So take a look at these possibilities, add some that might work for you, and remember, if it isn’t a resiliency builder for you, that’s totally fine. Find something that is!

I like to split these into categories of things that nourish resiliency through our bodies (somatic), our emotions, and language or intellect. But feel free to add some that cross multiple categories or delve into new ones.

Somatic Resiliency Builders:

  1. Getting a massage
  2. Work out:  run, lift weights, boot camp, MMA, kickboxing, Yoga, Swimming
  3. Relaxation / Meditation
  4. Hiking or being in nature
  5. Bubble baths

Emotional Resiliency Builders:

  1. Date Night with your significant other
  2. Girl’s night out / Guy’s night out
  3. Coaching/Being Coached
  4. Spending time with animals
  5. Volunteering time with a charity – soup kitchens, charitable events, big brother/big sister program

Intellectual Resiliency Builders:

  1. Reading
  2. Creative writing
  3. Journaling
  4. Watching television
  5. Engage in debate or discussion

What works for you?


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